Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shipley Loft construction pictures!!!

Recently, NWAA artist member Brad Turner and local Gallery owner Geoff "Red Mohawk" had the opportunity to tour the renovation process at the brand new Shipley lofts. The floor plan is open and is about 20ft X 40ft. (roughly) There are a total of 23 loft spaces and they are already starting to fill up! The Ingerman group has informed us that weather permitting the first tenants will have the chance to move in as early as the second week in January 2010!!!! Here are a few shots of the construction phase that were shot.

Rent is between $610- $1080 a month
3 Handicapped lofts (Ground floor only)
4: Larger lofts with more windows (Shipley side only.)
16: Regular floor plan lofts

This is a short list of what is included for each loft:
Mail box
The bathroom = walk in shower
2: Closets
1: Half wall that divides the living area from the bedroom area.
Laundry room on each floor
There will be security doors with key fobs.

****Parking and Internet/phone/cable will be up to each tenant.


Jennifer said...

Anyone know what these are zoned? Ie, can I have clients coming to the space on a regular basis? I sent an email to the developer, but got zero response.

Michael Kalmbach said...

Jennifer, This would be a perfect question for the Q&A session that will take place at the Delaware College of Art & Design on Thursday, December 17th from 5-7pm.
I believe you will be able to sell work out of your space, but let's get some clarification on the 17th.