Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We can learn from Friskies?

Yes, it's true. And any of you cynics out there already being skeptic of this post... it would be a shame if you didn't let things like this effect you or your practice in some way, even if just in spirit. At the very least what's here can be a refreshing dose of unapologetic art-making. This Friskies commercial is an artist statement we can all get behind. The lyrics, the imagery... it's a piece of art, no doubt about it. Watch.

***Please note that this link is HD and does not extend to full viewing size in the NWAA window. After starting the video, please click in the center of the video player to open it in YouTube so you can watch it best! Or follow this link: Friskies in HD***

"What if one little pop could open a world of wonder? So sensory, so satisfying, the discovery never seems to stop. A journey to delicious and beyond! Exciting your cat day and night with endless enchantment. It's the magic Friskies makes happen everyday in so many ways. Friskies - feed the senses."

The labor involved in the design, the color, the animals, the world. Everything here is addressed, nothing is missing. It's even in HD! So we can soak in every bit of wonder they've provided in visual clarity. I can't even begin to explain to people who don't own a cat how true this is, or how it seems cats are often or always in this world of wonder, especially with wet cat food. I am already taking notes on this thing and I'm wondering... who else is? Are there any NWAAers out there willing to take up the Friskies banner and learn from it like me?

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