Wednesday, December 2, 2009

UD@Crane Presents Material Impact

The University of Delaware

1400 N American Street
Philadelphia PA 19122

Material Impact

Opening Reception
Thursday December 10 from 6 to 9

Exhibition Continues through January 31
Gallery Hours: Wednesday thru Sunday 12 - 6

Material Impact features the work of:

Lauren Comito, Janet Hethorn UD Chair, Art Department, Joe Ives, David Meyer, UD Faculty, Sculpture, Lisa Murch and Robert Straight, UD Faculty, Painting.

Poetry Reading December 10:
Devon Miller-Dugan, UD Faculty, English Department and Piotr Florczyk, UD Faculty, English Department

Downstairs Exhibition and Workshop Accomplished with The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, Big Picture Sites at Waring Elementary and Wissahickon Charter School

The third show of the year at UD@Crane is "Material Impact", an exhibition, poetry reading and workshop exploring the context of art, objects and material in relation to our contemporary thinking and concerns. The focus of this exhibition is around the impression, influence and effect of materials and their use as a vehicle for creating questions not only about the future of our environment but of our thoughts, actions and experience. Artists have been invited to participate who either have a main focus of material and impact in their work or have, as a byproduct of material choices, a conversation of this theme occurring around their work. Any looking can be framed in a context of questioning materials creating an awareness of ones position. This may translate to a shift in subjective experience, environmental and sustainability questions or objective explorations about culture. A poetry reading in connection with the University of Delaware English department will feature the work of two noted faculty members; Devon Miller-Dugan and Piotr Florczyk. The readings will touch upon the themes explored in the exhibition. UD@Crane will partner with the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, Big Picture in a material impact workshop. Students from select Big Picture art education sites in Philadelphia will make objects that explore materials, meaning and landscape. Workshops will focus on sustainability and materials as a means for creation. The objects those students make will be exhibited in the downstairs gallery at UD@Crane.

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