Wednesday, October 21, 2009

CHECK OUT THIS TIMES ARTICLE: Luring Artists to Lend Life to Empty Storefronts

" Pop-up galleries" are taking hold in New York as development advocates and landlords are turning to artists with vivid imaginations and splashy exhibits.

Does this sound familiar?


eddie_the_wheel said...


this came up on my other blog.

not long after i posted about NWAA.


eddie_the_wheel said...

can the Times show a little LoMa love?

NikholisRPlanck said...

I think the examples they are showing are a bit weak...

NWAA needs to be reached by a major Philly Newspaper!

Ron Longsdorf said...

I read this article last week, and thought, wow, I feel like we were doing this first, but only NY and Philly get the press. The next goal, get ourselves featured in the NY times!